2016 Crystal Lake Night Owl Bike Ride teams up with MCBA to "Close the Oak Street Gap"

As part of the US Highway Route 14 construction going on, there will soon be a bicycling/walking path between McHenry County College and Woodstock, IL. South of the College, the path already exists; however, it unfortunately stops just short of connecting "all" the way to the City of Crystal Lake.

As seen in the accompanying picture, the path stops in a turnaround fashion just west of Oak Street in Crystal Lake. This gap is known as the Oak Street Gap in the community.

Through trials and tribulations, the McHenry County Bicycle Advocates have rallied the Union Pacific Railroad, the City of Crystal Lake and the McHenry County Conservation District to close the "Gap".

They are all on board with closing the "Gap". A grant to build out the path is still on hold and there are two things that need to happen soon:
1. The Railroad needs to give their final okay to the engineering plans.
2. The local funding match has to be raised/funded. We as local bicyclist want to make a strong contribution in support of the project and to show the public interest to the entities who will contribute the majority of the funds. MCBA pledged to contribute a minimum of $5,000. We are looking for as many contributors as possible. We rather have 500 people donating $10.- than 1 person donating $5,000.

Please consider contributing to the match and show your support for bicycling and walking connectivity and safety in McHenry County. You will have the opportunity to contribute via the 2016 Crystal Lake Night Owl Bicycle Ride registration site.

Additional information can be found on the MCBA website McHenry County Bicycle Advocates.

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